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Our little Harley is so much happier now she has play time and a walk with Jodie during the day. Jodie is lovely, really professional and it’s obvious Harley adores her!! We absolutely love seeing her videos and photographs of our pup whilst we are at work and we’ve just come home to the loveliest welcome pack on

our kitchen table. Thanks so much Jodie. We couldn’t recommend your services enough! 😊

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Jodie has been coming to see our young

dog for a few months now. Unfortunately

he had to have just over three weeks off

due to an op! He has always been on the nervous side but when Jodie came back

to walk him he was so happy to see her

and gave her kisses, the lot! Such a lovely reaction! Highly recommend her! Thank you

for being so good with our dog! ❤️

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Marley's smile says it all. Great service, highly recommended!

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Jode came to look after our 8 month old kitten over a weekend recently. Not only was she super accommodating and professional but also our little man LOVES her. It was

lovely to know our favourite boy was in safe, friendly hands. Definitely will use again and 100% would recommend.

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Jodie is absolutely wonderful with my little

old lady pug, she’ll always take into account Lola’s extra needs. Lola loves all the time she spends with her and always comes home

happy (and tired out!). I couldn’t ask for a

better person to look after Lola!

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Not sure what we’d do without Jodie! She’s amazing and Annie absolutely loves her. ❤️  Xxxx

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Look how happy he is! Can’t recommend Cheltenham Canines and Jodie enough. She is a pro! My little dog loves seeing her and is always tuckered out after his walk - the sign of a great time. She’s accommodating and flexible with our requirements which has been a god send. Thank you so much Jodie!

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Thank you so so much Cheltenham Canines

for taking good care of Winston... Highly recommended!


Jodie is fantastic with our nervous (and needy) miniature dachshund... I would highly recommend her services!

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Jodie has been brilliant with our greyhound, who loves her with a passion. Although we only need an occasional dogwalker, Jodie has always been reliable and punctual, and she seems to really enjoy her job! I would recommend her to everyone. 🤩

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Jodie has always been amazing

with our dog Lola!

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Jodie's passion is animals and I would recommend her to anyone to trust looking after their pets. She looks after my dogs very well.

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We have a very anxious dog who needs various medications and gets himself so worked up at kennels that he makes himself poorly, so we thought we would try some home visits. Jodie was super understanding

of Sam's needs, took everything all on board and the result was one very happy dog in

his own home whilst we enjoyed our holiday. Will definitely continue to use Jodie 😊 

Her prices are also brilliant.

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Jodie is amazing with Nala for puppy

visits and I would recommend 🐶❤️

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Fox is one very lucky boy having @cheltenhamcanines take him on pack walks! Jodie is bloody fabulous! Look at that

happy face!

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This is my beautiful happy boy and his dog walker Jodie. He LOVES her! I cannot recommend @cheltenhamcanines enough if you're in need of any pet services!!!

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Cheltenham Canines have been walking my pal for the better part of a year now and let me tell you, there is NO ONE else I trust him with more. He has a great time and always comes back shattered, sometimes muddy, but always the happiest dog ever. He's made loads of friends and the speed his tail wags when he sees

the CC car pull up out front is faster than a hummingbirds wing! CC is so trustworthy as well. I just gave them a key, they pick him up and drop him off without any issues. They're also there to help. When we got married, they picked him up and dropped him to the kennels without even a second question. 100% best people ever.


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Look at my handsome

Dire Wolf being a model!!!

Anyway, if you have pets and need a sitter/walker or just somebody to do a home visit, please contact Jodie! She is AMAZING!!!! We cannot recommend her enough.



My girl loves hanging out with Jodie and other pups on her pack walks. She's always wagging her tail and I love the video updates I get via Instagram! I'm sure my dog having a better lockdown than me! Jodie is so professional, friendly and reliable. Definitely recommend!!

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My dog is literally never more excited than when Jodie turns up to take him out for his walk! I fully trust her and she is fantastic with communication and my dog always comes back and sleeps for the rest of the day, so he's definitely having fun! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone. 

What a different dog my Dixie is since going out with Jodie. Dixie was not a very sociable dog, she liked to go off and do her own thing. At Christmas I made the decision to find a dog walker to help me with giving Dixie enough daily exercise as my husband was unable to help due to his pending operation. I looked online and found Jodie, she came round to meet us and Dixie and then began a wonderful relationship between Jodie & Dixie and myself.

Jodie is my superhero. She genuinely cares for the dogs she walks. She takes them on the best walks, I'm actually a bit jealous. Dixie loves going out now and never hesitates to jump in the van. My dog is a happy, content, sociable dog now and has even lost weight, so feels and looks amazing. That is due to Jodie. Thank you.

I found Cheltenham Canines via Instagram. Jodie set up and initial meet, greet and treats with my dog Ruby. From the moment Jodie met Ruby as a puppy, Ruby found her best buddy! Ruby goes on her rambles with Jodie and the gang twice a week and waits by the window for her to arrive. Ruby’s gained so much confidence since joining the group and she has the best time with all her friends. I see her walks on Instagram stories later on in the day. Jodie is the only person I would trust with my dog. I know Ruby is safe and happy with her. Jodie is literally a shining star and I cannot thank her enough for what she does.

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Vincent just loves his walks with Jodie and the pack, he always has the best time, and comes home and sleeps and dreams about the next days walk, great value for money and so reliable, we would not want our dog with anyone but Jodie.


Jodie has completely transformed the way Otis is on walks, from stubborn and refusing to move to completely off the lead trained. I could not think of a better person to look after our dog. Otis adores her!


Love Jodie. I say to the boys; "Jodie's coming!" and they rush to the door. Highly recommend.

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Jode is absolutely wonderful with all of the dogs, its abundantly clear how much she loves them! Our little dog Lumi is always so excited to go on adventures with the pack, which is amazing because a few years ago she was extremely nervous around different dogs, but Jodie has really helped her become relaxed and happy. Thank you Jode!



We have one very happy rescue dog, who absolutely adores her pack walks. Jodie is exceptionally knowledgable, especially when it comes to rescues and was very patient with our pup to begin with. She has greatly helped with training and we love watching her Instagram updates and stories. Really highly recommend!

Jodie has been walking our nervous spaniel

for over two years now. We have been very picky about who we trust with Florence, as

she was scared of people and had other socialisation issues. Jodie's approach to Florence was very professional, understood Florence's issues exactly without having to explain anything to her. It gave us a lot of confidence in her right from the start. Florence loves hanging out with her and the pack. She is far more confidence and levelled dog than she was a couple of years ago, and always comes back from the walks sapped. I would highly recommend Cheltenham Canines to everyone!

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Jodie is brilliant. She has been there for Max and us since he was a pup. We made contact with Jodie before Max joined our family because we needed to make sure we had a support network before committing to a pup. It's fair to say Jodie is more than just a

dog walker - she trains the dogs to have impeccable manners on and off lead and helped us when we were struggling through the early months with a stubborn sausage dog puppy. We couldn't manage without Jodie - she has built up a fantastic business/doggie family. Thank you so much - we highly recommend Cheltenham Canines !!

Luna loves walking with Jodie and the pack! She gets super excited when the van pulls up outside. Jodie has also sat for us overnight and it's really reassuring to know Luna is being so well looked after. I love seeing what they have been up to

on Instagram too. 5* service.

Jodie is absolutely outstanding! She started doing home visits for us for our boy Fox when he was a pup (3 years ago), and we’ve never looked back. He now goes on pack walks 3 times a week. She is so unbelievably passionate about what she does, and the care and attention she puts in to every single dog she works with/looks after is amazing. She’s incredibly hard working and I know that all the dogs she walks absolutely love and respect her. We only have to say “is that Jodie?” and Fox goes wild and runs to the front door, tail wagging madly! He loves her and loves his walks. Even though my husband and I have both been working from home since the start of the pandemic, we would never stop Fox’s walks with her because he gets SO much out of them and it’s so good for him. Jodie is also very flexible and accommodating and will work with you wherever possible to fit you in. I cannot

sing her praises enough.

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Jodie has been taking Barney on group walks for years. She’s always punctual, excellent communication and friendly, but most importantly she’s great with the dogs! Barney adores his walks with Jodie and the pack, they go on different adventures each week and we get to see photos of all the fun they have on instagram. Exceptional service!

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I was recommended to Jodie through a friend and have been using her dog sitting and dog visit services for a few years now and she has been absolutely incredible. She is perfect with my large, dog reactive German Shepherd and he absolutely adores her. It’s the best feeling being able to go away for a couple of nights knowing he’s not missing us one bit!


She also used to be fabulous at managing the different needs of my GSD and my elderly Jack Russell.


If you’re looking for a dog Walker, sitter or someone to do home visits in the day, I couldn’t recommend Jodie highly enough!

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My two spaniels love their adventures out with Jodie. She is brilliant with them and has somehow managed to get their ears to work even if it's only for her! The Instagram adventure videos are brilliant to see and I have every confidence that my dogs are in good hands and they absolutely love heading out with the pack.

We were introduced to Jodie through a friend, and even though we were the opposite side of town she still said yes to solo walks with our 1 year old rescue. Her confidence with looking after a boisterous large breed put us at ease. We always knew we were putting our pooch in safe hands and Loki always comes back happy from his walks with Jodie 😁

It’s great being at a work meeting knowing Cooper’s having a fab time on his pack walk. Thank you @cheltenhamcanines 🍂🐕

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Jodie has been absolutely fantastic with both our dogs, our young rescue loves going on group walks with Jodie and the pack, she’s always really excited to go on her walks.  Jodie has also done some dog sitting for both our dogs who have loved her company. We would highly recommend Jodie to anyone

looking for dog walking and sitting.

I can’t recommend Jodie enough! I started using her walking services following an accident. My 3-year old Cockapoo can sometimes be nervous of new people, but when Jodie arrived for her meet and greet (something she does before taking on a new dog to make sure they will fit in with the

pack), my dog warmed to her instantly. She recognised Jodie as a pack leader and followed her commands from day one.


The pack walks are very reasonably priced, and are varied. My favourite touch of Jodie’s is that she often takes videos and photos of the dogs on their walk, so you can see how much fun they have had! She teaches them little things as they go, too - such as training them to wait before going over/under a stile, or how to jump across rivers. This is extra special as I’ve noticed with other walkers that bad habits can be easily picked up from other dogs - but not with Cheltenham Canines! The confidence my dog has gained from her time with Jodie has been invaluable, and she’s more sociable with new dogs we meet now as a result from

Jodie’s patience with her.


Jodie has a key to my house so she can collect my dog if I’m not in, and she’s really responsible - no muddy footprints left on my kitchen floor, and she always secures the gate on her way out - little touches that

make all the difference.


Understandably, Jodie’s at maximum capacity, but I’d recommend getting on her waiting list so your dog can be walked by (and learn)

from the best!

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Jodie is fantastic with our dog

and super reliable!

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Jodie is excellent with my dog, he

is a large breed she handles him wonderfully. He loves walk time with Jodie and the pack! Jodie has been a legend when I've had last minute work trips, being able to see to the hound and ensure he's not on his own too long!

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Jodie is an elite tier dog walker! She communicates fantastically with us as owners and her daily Instagram updates

on the pack are a real joy.

She walks our beloved dog every day of the week and can say that I have not once had the slightest bit of concern. She clearly loves the dogs in her pack and makes an effort to be an expert in her field.

Couldn't recommend

Cheltenham Canines higher.

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